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The Human Cloud and IT’s Arab Spring

I’m fascinated by the human cloud. I believe it represents a seismic shift in the way we work and in the very way we live. The notion that we can use the rapid advancements in global networks to build an online workforce not bound by office locations, able to work effectively from anywhere, at anytime, is tantalising. For many companies, the human cloud is already a critical part of business operations. Indeed, as the global recession continues to bite and the demand to find a greener existence deepens, the human cloud presents a unique and unchallenged opportunity.

However, there are still critical barriers to overcome before we can truly embrace the possibilities of a global human cloud. Some of these barriers are technological, while some are more ideological. In fact, it may well be the latter that are the most difficult to overcome. As the Economist highlighted in a recent article, we’re in the midst of an IT Arab Spring. Yet it’s not governments that are being overthrown here but the old guard of corporate IT. Read the full post

Two Critical Hurdles to 4G Success

Amid last week’s media huddle over the iPhone 4S and the rollout of iOS 5, a report gently crept past the radar attracting little to no attention. The report detailed the speed at which U.S. carriers are rolling out LTE: A speed so rapid that the U.S. is now the global leader in LTE deployments. The country can now claim 47% of all LTE subscriptions. This figure is further strengthened when you consider that Americans will own 71% of LTE handsets by the end of 2011. Verizon, AT&T and MetroPSC please take a bow.

These are incredible figures and highlight just how serious U.S. carriers are at pushing mobile broadband across the country. Special mention should be made of Verizon here. It’s moving forward at incredible speeds and is fuelled by impressive revenues. Read the full post

Gareth Spence

Gareth Spence
October 18, 2011