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Arthur Cole is a freelance journalist specializing in the hi-tech communications and information field. Prior to striking out on his own, Arthur held editorial positions for a wide range of technology publications, covering such industries as audio/video production and distribution, multimedia, computer gaming, and IP communications. He holds a B.A. in journalism from the Southern Connecticut State University. He lives in Rhode Island with his wife and two children.

5G is about to hit the world economy like a freight train. Most observers fully expect that by mid-decade, we will have an entirely new digital ecosystem driving new forms of communication, new markets and sales channels, and entirely new levels of wealth.

But 5G is not merely the next step in the evolution of wireless networking. It represents a distinct break from the past in many crucial ways, starting with the need to maintain strict time synchronization across multiple points on any given data chain ...

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Enterprise infrastructure has become increasingly dependent on the cloud, which is naturally leading to growing concerns about data security.

While the cloud in many ways offers better security than the traditional on-premises data center, this should not obscure the fact that complex architectures tend to have more vulnerabilities than simple ones, and the cloud is nothing if not complex ...

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The enterprise is quickly expanding its cloud environment to a hybrid multi-cloud architecture. Where once a single provider enabled little more than bulk storage and processing offload, today’s cloud encompasses numerous providers offering services as diverse as disaster recovery, advanced analytics and quantum computing ...

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