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Arthur Cole is a freelance journalist specializing in the hi-tech communications and information field. Prior to striking out on his own, Arthur held editorial positions for a wide range of technology publications, covering such industries as audio/video production and distribution, multimedia, computer gaming, and IP communications. He holds a B.A. in journalism from the Southern Connecticut State University. He lives in Rhode Island with his wife and two children.

Posted by Arthur Cole on January 25, 2019

In recent years, SDN and NFV have matured from technologies with potential into mandatory requirements for agile, fast and cost-efficient production of communication services. We’re now seeing widespread deployment with communication service providers (CSPs) implementing ambitious digitization projects. Many CSPs are combining this with a transition towards full automation and even autonomous operations, while also minimizing the amount of proprietary hardware. Standard hardware components in combination with network operating systems and software appliances will form the networks of the future ...

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Amid all of the technological and architectural changes taking place in data infrastructure heading into 2019, the elephant in the room is the internet of things. Even without the prospect of millions – no, billions – of connected devices feeding data back to processing centers, and vice versa, the world was on a trajectory of exponentially larger volumes every year. Now, that process has been kicked into even higher gear, and networks are on the front lines in the effort to keep it all on track ...

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The data center interconnect (DCI) is emerging as a key element in the enterprise strategy to transition to a more digital-oriented business model, one that encompasses multiple data processing and storage sites on the cloud and the IoT edge. At the same time, however, static network connectivity both within the data center and over the wide area is becoming increasingly virtualized and software-defined, meaning that in the very near future organizations will take to managing and optimizing their DCI infrastructure as code ...

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