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Bill Balmer has more than 30 years in the telecommunication industry with extensive experience in Ethernet, security, IP, wireless, VOIP, optical, packet networks, and performance management systems. At ADVA Optical Networking, Bill is part of a security team that develops encryption products for the marketplace. ADVA Optical Networking has over 200 encrypted networks deployed using its ConnectGuard™ platform.

The healthcare industry has become increasingly exposed to cyberattacks. In 2015, 36% of compromised records were healthcare related, making it the number one industry for data breaches. Perhaps this should come as no surprise as confidential personal data from healthcare organizations is particularly lucrative for hackers. Criminals know it’s likely to include not only names and dates of birth but also insurance and financial information. And, thanks to the boom in cloud computing and application-based connectivity, there’s no longer one single point of entry for a hacker to access a company’s system ...
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