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Danish Rafique focuses on the strategic evolution of telecom networks, marrying extensive domain knowledge with a focus on cutting-edge software-based-service opportunities. He is a machine-learning enthusiast, eager to promote and engage in discourse about design, architecture and cognitive management of cloud infrastructure.

Digital-first companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb, etc. haven’t only disrupted, but downright transformed their respective industries. Consider the success of Uber, which revolutionized the taxi industry, reporting monthly trips in excess of 50 million, without even owning a single vehicle. How did they do it? This was accomplished by combining modern-day machine learning algorithms and analytics strategies with flexible business and pricing models, while offering unique benefits to both drivers and riders at the same time. In hindsight, it can now be safely said that the transportation service industry and a geolocation app are thick as thieves. Uber recognized this synergy and capitalized on it. It’s Economics 101: they created a dynamic demand/supply-based resource optimization and pricing model ...

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The number of connected devices is set to overtake world population this year (8.4 billion), while more than half of us are already using the internet today. This incredible growth in connectivity is driving a huge volume of digital traffic and imposing advanced networking requirements ...

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