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Dr Dean Anthony Gratton is a technology futurist and influencer. He has worked extensively within the wireless communications R&D industry where his wireless research work has been patented. Dean is a passionate thought leader in his field and continues to provide an authoritative published and vocal presence within IoT, IIoT, Smart Homes/Cities/Meters/Living/Energy, AI, Data, Cloud and Blockchain.

You can contact Dean and learn more about his work via deangratton.com. You can also follow him on Twitter (@grattonboy) to enjoy his risqué humour, witty shenanigans, social media and technology-related tweets.

The technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) industries cover a broad range of digital sins, which touch upon most, if not all, aspects of our everyday lives. The TMT sector is currently booming with unparalleled growth, diversity and convergence which, in turn, disrupts traditional business models and warps our once traditional way-of-working. In fact, TMT is singularly responsible for introducing a whole new way of thinking and there’s nothing wrong with that ...
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It’s become second nature – an instinctive behavioral modern-day trait, if you like. Yes, we seek ‘Wi-Fi’. Admit it, we’re all guilty of seeking that all-important connection, irrespective of our location and context; I mean context, in terms of whether we are at a social or business event – it doesn’t matter, we simply forego all etiquette – we need it ...

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Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and an excellent start to 2019. Well, for me, Christmas dinner was somewhat in doubt, since the wife (Sarah) and I, in our profound wisdom, decided to have a new kitchen fitted. Unbeknown to us, something we found out later when all the chaos came to a conclusion and the dust literally settled, was that the neighbors were taking bets and the odds weren’t in our favor ...
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