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As VP of business development, EMEA, Dieter Will is responsible for unifying ADVA Optical Networking’s array of business development initiatives according to the company’s overall strategic direction. Since Dieter joined ADVA Optical Networking in 1998, he has helped it penetrate key carrier and enterprise accounts and secure critical sales and joint development partnerships that have fed the company’s strong growth.

Across Europe and beyond, businesses are moving their mission-critical data to the Nordics. With cheaper land prices and cold conditions ideal for cooling servers, the cost advantages offered by data centers in Scandinavia and the Baltics are impossible to ignore. Even more significant is the low price of electricity, which makes running a data center near the North Pole incredibly efficient – in many cases, up to 50% cheaper when compared with central Europe ...
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In recent years, we’ve seen a huge boom in the number of businesses – both big and small – looking to invest in Nordic data centers. Perhaps the two most recognizable names to build facilities in and around the “Node Pole” are Google, which opened a huge data center in Hamina on Finland’s southern coastline, and Facebook, that opened its first data center outside the US in Luleå, Sweden. The rush to locate these facilities near the Arctic Circle is no coincidence ...
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