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Gerlinde Bedö

Gerlinde is a technical marketing manager for ADVA, involved in positioning ADVA's open transport solutions at the forefront of current trends and evolving market requirements. She focuses on business development and helping ADVA's value-added partners empower customers to achieve new revenue growth. Gerlinde has a wealth of experience specializing in optical transmission systems within the telecoms industry and has worked in research and education at the Technical University Munich.

Posted by Gerlinde Bedö on June 06, 2019

It’s no surprise to see disaggregated optical networks being widely adopted by data center providers.  It’s an approach that fulfils their needs perfectly. Disaggregation triggers innovation, increases flexibility to mix and match best-of-breed networking components, avoids implementation lock-in and integrates into open source and commercial orchestration. What’s more, it accommodates the different lifecycles of various networking components. Line terminals, for example, usually follow a much shorter innovation cycle than optical line systems ...

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