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Richard Strike plays a key role in assisting U.K. communications providers implement next-generation intelligent Ethernet access solutions. With over 15 years’ industry experience, Richard has been heavily involved in Ethernet’s evolution from a best-effort service to a carrier-class solution. This experience has proven vital for ADVA Optical Networking as it expands its U.K. customer base, which now includes BT 21CN.

There are some interesting things happening at MEF these days. MEF is the industry forum where carriers and vendors come together to define common ground in how best to offer Carrier Ethernet services. Over the past few years MEF have been working on standards to make Carrier Ethernet services more interconnected, manageable and differentiated for specific application. This all comes together under “Carrier Ethernet 2.0”.
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It's now 15-years since Negroponte wrote "being digital" and despite its concise 247 pages my copy is still sitting unread on the shelf  above my desk next to a couple of books of the same vintage on ATM and SDH. I can feel pretty smug about not paying too much attention to the technical books - we are now well and truly in the age of Ethernet - but "being digital" set out how technology was going to change our lives as we ended the century and I'm looking forward for a chance to read it to find out how the 1995 view of the future looks now.
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