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I see many new cars nowadays advertised with connectivity in mind, typically enabled with a smartphone, and this is what brings me to this month’s column. I currently own a 10(or so)-year-old car, which does have a fairly moderate amount of great technology within it – I know this solely because when it goes wrong, it’s expensive to fix! Anyway, the integrated GPS navigation system, for example, is quite tired and dated and so relies upon up-to-date DVDs to offer me accurate navigation through streets, motorways and whatnot ...

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Posted by Dean Anthony Gratton on August 03, 2018


Before I begin this month’s column, I just want to provide some background for those readers who have perhaps fortunately missed out on the story here in the UK regarding the EU referendum that took place back in June 2016. The British government took to the electorate and asked us to decide, “Do we want to remain part of Europe (the EU)?” In a shocking outcome, the British people decided to leave the EU and, as such, we now have a divided populous who want to remain in the EU whilst the majority, albeit minor, wish to leave, hence the definition, “remainers” and “leavers.” The British government ...

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