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Posted by Dean Anthony Gratton on February 23, 2015

Perhaps I should start by explaining the premise of TV here in the UK, for my non-UK readers. First and foremost, any viewer of TV in the UK needs to pay for a TV license, although there's a lesser known caveat to that: Any viewer of live TV needs to pay for a TV license. So, in other words, if you regularly tune in and watch a live broadcast from any channel, irrespective of platform, that is, a TV, tablet or mobile device, you must pay for a TV license. In my household, the wife and I do not watch live TV but, instead, we create our own channel by streaming the programmes we wish to watch, when we want to watch them ...
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Over the past few weeks I've found myself re-engaging with TV. This isn’t because the programming has suddenly improved or because I’ve started subscribing to ESPN. It’s largely because of Zeebox. This is an iPad app that adds social integration to the viewing experience. Basically it’s a TV guide where you select a programme and see conversations around this programme from your Twitter and Facebook communities.
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April’s proving to be an interesting month for those following the net-neutrality debate. Within the first week we’ve already seen the US Court of Appeals swing into action and dismiss Verizon and MetroPCS’ anti-net neutrality lawsuits filed against the FCC. Thrown out on a legal technicality, many expect these lawsuits to be re-filed shortly. However, while most eyes where following the legal wranglings on Capitol Hill, a new battleground in the neutrality debate has emerged and this time it’s focused on devices.
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